Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Coming up on Grey's Anatomy:
Any dish on Grey's Anatomy's most interesting couple, Cristina and Owen? Any chance of them hitting the sheets soon?
MATT: "Interesting" is pretty much how Kevin McKidd summed up his Grey's romance when he dropped by on Tuesday for a video Q&A. Calling the docs' courtship "kind of cool," the Scotsman said, "They're probably more in love than a lot of people on the show, and yet they haven't actually consummated their relationship." Why are they waiting to do the deed, violent PTSD outbursts aside? Says McKidd, "They both know deep down that this isn't just [about] a quickie in the on-call room ... so they're holding out for the correct set of circumstances." As for when said moment might arrive, I will say this: sooner than you think.

Source: TV Guide
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