Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kevin McKidd Spoils

In this interview with TV Guide, Kevin McKidd talks about what's ahead for Cristina and Owen on Grey's Anatomy:

Will Owen's PTSD get worse before it gets better? It sure looks that way.

As Kevin McKidd shares in Part 1 of his video Q&A, the haunted Dr. Hunt once again — and to an even scarier degree — misdirects a nightmare at his lady love, Christina, in this Thursday's episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Previewing this latest dark moment, McKidd tells, "It's going to become a catalyst for him to really sort his stuff out and become whole again. He really loves [Christina] and wants to make things good for her, and not to be this burden."

In tackling such tricky fare, McKidd declares himself "lucky" to have Sandra Oh as a scene partner, saying, "She's such a committed artist."

McKidd also gives kudos to Grey's for journeying down this rocky road with his war vet. "Post-traumatic stress has a stigma attached to it, so I think it's great that the show is telling this story properly and exploring it and getting dirty with it," he says.

McKidd goes on to share how the depths of Owen's despair — and the advice of a certain peer — will lead him to seek help from Dr. Wyatt, the psychiatrist played by Amy Madigan. "It's hard for him," notes the actor, "because he's not the most verbal guy ... but they work through a lot of stuff."

Might it eventually lead to lighter moments for Owen and Christina? Get McKidd's answer at the 3:00 mark.

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