Sunday, March 29, 2009

Highlight Of The Week

According to Entertainment Weekly's Jennifer Armstrong:

Cristina and Owen took it to the next level, in more ways than one, Izzie started her treatment journey, and Derek got back on the horse and stepped up his game with Meredith

For starters, I was heaving sobs in under three minutes, despite the fact that I was well-prepared for Owen's post-traumatic-stress-disorder-induced sleep-choking of Cristina. Callie heard the commotion and broke it up, otherwise things could've gone much worse. And that's just the point. At the risk of getting all public service announcement here, I truly believe this is a fantastic story line to tackle — the phenomenon of post-war night terrors that can endanger your bed partner is very, very real (my Vietnam-vet dad went through this for years, when I was too young to appreciate the strain on both him and my mom), and few people realize (or really want to think about) what soldiers go through once they get home. It helps, in this case, to have a pair of sublime actors handling this sensitive topic. As good as they've been at amping up the romance crackling between Owen and Cristina, Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh brought the Emmy consideration tonight from scene 1. — Jennifer Armstrong

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