Saturday, February 7, 2009

Training With The Celebrities

Celebrity trainer Elizabeth Hendrix shares a story about Sandra in an interview with Fit Celeb:

I asked the two if they had any funny or embarrassing memorable moments while training one of their high profile clients, but neither had any embarrassing moments to share - although they had a few funny ones.

Elizabeth recalled another memorable moment with Sandra Oh. After a training session the two ladies went for lunch. While at lunch a patron went up to Sandra and was like, “Oh my God, are you Sandra Oh?!” Sandra just smiled and nodded her head. A few minutes later another patron came up to the table, and naturally both Sandra and Elizabeth assumed they were going to get the same question, but this time the person said, “Are you Elizabeth Hendrix?!” Elizabeth smiled and nodded, and after the patron left, Sandra and Elizabeth broke out into laughter - Sandra pointed at Elizabeth saying, “You got it too!”
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