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Food Talk Under The Riviera

Here is an old interview from 1998 with Sandra and her Last Night co-star, Callum Keith Rennie.

Sandra Oh, Don McKellar and Callum Keith Rennie.

CANNES - You don't really want to think about the end of the world as you lounge under the bright Riviera sun. But since that's what their film, Last Night -- showing at the Cannes Film Fest -- is about, actors Callum Keith Rennie and Sandra Oh oblige us with musing of how they might spend their last six hours on earth:

CALLUM: "I'd eat airplane food as my last meal. The kind you'd get in coach. The chicken entree."

SANDRA: "Definitely Korean food. Dumpling soup. Now that's comfort food. And I'd be listening to something by The Clash."

C: "Fractured Atlas by Elvis Costello."

S: "For my last movie? Something really romantic."

C: "Tommy Boy?"

(They both howl with laughter.)

C: "Okay, okay. Wings Of Desire. 'Cause, gosh darnit, the damn thing's so hopeful! Lemme switch that to the last 10 minutes of Apocalypse Now."

S: "Casablanca! Romantic yet bittersweet."

C: "So what about sex?"

S: "I don't know. What if it was bad sex? Forget it!"

C (smiling wickedly): "You can make even bad sex good."

S: "Too much pressure."

C: "I'd be so tense, I'd need a release."

S: "But what if you couldn't release in TIME?"

C: "But to go out while doing it ... the explosion in the end would be like ... death."

S: "So the end of the world would be like one Big O?"

C: "Yeah."

S (teasing him about his brief nude scene in the film): "All you've been doing the last two days is obsessing about your ass."

C (defensive): "It's just I've never seen it in that framework before. I don't want the terror of seeing my own ass on screen. What if I like it -- a LOT?" (He laughs.)

S: "I think it's very important we see Callum's ass in the film. We never get to see enough men's asses on screen."

C: "Let's change the subject."

S: "Okay. The last book I'd read? Sexing The Cherry -- there's one page that describes these magnetic beings that are dancing ... spinning until they become particles of light."

C: "I'd read The Toronto Sun. No question."

By Natasha Stoynoff

Source: Toronto Sun; May 24, 1998

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Nice interview.

Kevin McKidd on Elen Degeneres.

There's a new clip from 5.11 with Sandra Oh! Sooo cute!

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