Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh How Life Has Changed For Sandra

Sandra Oh has revealed how she can't get a moment's peace since Grey's Anatomy became hugely popular around the world.

The actress got up extra early before shooting the medical drama in Hollywood, so she could announce the nominees for 2009's Film Independent's Spirit Awards.

Before heading off to film on the set of Seattle Grace Hospital, Sandra explained how playing Dr Cristina Yang has transformed her life.

"It's really changed," she said. "It's kind of hard to comment because it's crazy and out there, but mostly I'm thrilled for the show."

"Last summer I went to Europe and I thought 'oh I just want to get away and be on a beach in Barcelona' and that didn't happen."

Despite a gruelling filming schedule, Sandra insists she still loves making Grey's: "I do, it takes a lot of work even to enjoy it sometimes but I'm up for it."

"I'm thrilled that you get to see different and new faces," she added. "I think we produce a really good television show and I think people really enjoy it."

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