Monday, September 22, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Season 5 Premiere - Review

There’s something to be said about hitting the refresh button. I’ve been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy since the series premiered but I found that since the second season, the show just hasn’t been as good. Last season we endured another off-again period in the Meredith/Derek saga, George repeating his internship, Cristina picking up the pieces after Burke left, Alex’s crazy girlfriend, the Chief’s marital issues and of course, Bailey’s marital problems as well all played a part in what felt like a real downer of a season.

All the while I was starting to wonder if things were ever going to get good again. Will these people ever have more than a brief moment or two of happiness? I get that there has to be rough times in any drama series but Grey’s has had a season and a half of rough times and the light at the end of the tunnel only seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer with each passing episode. If ever there were a series that was in need of the refresh button, it was this one and it is my belief that Ms. Rhimes is doing just that with this new season.

Based on the two-hour premiere, it does appear like things are changing for the better at Seattle Grace hospital. Characters are starting to rethink the way they look at things in terms of their relationships, themselves and the way they do their jobs. Here’s the part where I start talking in specifics though so if you don’t want to know anything more, read no further. Just know that I have good things to say about it and if you’re a fan of the series, I think you’ll like the way things are starting out for the season.

Cristina takes time off from listening to Meredith obsess about where she stands with Derek in order to make eyes at the sexy military doctor, Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) who rolls in with a group of car accident victims. McKidd (Journeyman, Rome) is totally Mc-(insert word that describes a guy who is handsome, strong, intelligent, masculine and totally perfect for Cristina here).

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