Monday, March 3, 2008

Nuvo: Sandra Oh Is A Seoul Sister

The latest issue of the Canadian Nuvo Magazine with Sandra on the cover has been released and here's a sneak preview:

By Serry OsmeƱa
Photo by Sheryl Nields

Hanbok is a type of traditional Korean clothing worn on formal occasions. Typically crafted in silk with vibrant colours and seamless lines, the garments are spectacularly beautiful and luxurious—and thus are a remarkable contrast to the immediate setting: an old abandoned warehouse on the east side of Los Angeles.

I am watching Sandra Oh being photographed. It is her first ever photo shoot wearing Hanbok, I learn, and she is, in a word, stunning. Groomers and dressers fuss and flit about, but paradoxically, the busier the warehouse gets, the more serene Sandra appears. At the peak of the hustle and bustle of the shoot, one look at her and I can almost believe that shes the only one in the room. She is an oasis of calm and beauty.

I first meet Sandra at a little, nondescript vegan restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. I wonder if she is a vegetarian, but no—she simply fancied the cuisine of this mom-and-pop spot, which was a pleasant surprise even to a non-vegetarian like me.


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Anonymous said...

there is only one person who can look calm, beautiful, glamorous and hot all at once. and that's our girl. j'adore!!!


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