Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Medicine: A Fan Report

A report from a fan who attended the Grey's Anatomy benefit concert Good Medicine:

The casts of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice held a benefit concert on Friday at UCLA, and I was able to go with a few friends. The musical talent of the two casts was unbelievable (and for most, completely unexpected), but the best moment of the evening came when part of the Grey’s Anatomy cast did a dramatic reading of fanfic!

TR Knight did the intro and described fan fiction as a way for people to write about the ways they want the storylines to go. He also described it as "sometimes ridiculous, sometimes really dirty." As expected, they chose two outrageous storylines and had cast members act out a few pages.

The first group to come on to do a reading was composed of Sara Ramirez, Justin Chambers, Eric Dane, and Sandra Oh. The storyline was that they were diagnosing a patient who turns out to be a werewolf. Sandra Oh in particular killed everyone by reading her lines completely in character, deadpan delivery and all.

Katherine Heigl, TR Knight, and Justin Chambers then came onstage to read from an Alternate Universe story that transported their characters back in time to medieval England, with TR reading the part of Lord George O’Malley and Katherine doing her best as Izzie Stevens, the governess/lady in waiting. Justin Chambers had a few lines, as his character was relegated to being the butler.

If only I had brought my camera…

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