Monday, January 28, 2008

CTV: Sandra Oh Goes Travelling Thanks To Strike Downtime

Since the writers strike began in early November, many actors have found themselves with spare time on their hands now that available scripts have dried up.

"Grey's Anatomy" star Sandra Oh is one such actress, who originally appeared on picket lines with striking writers when the job action began.

Oh plays Dr. Cristina Yang on the hit medical drama which airs Thursdays on CTV.

Taking a break from pounding the pavement, Oh served as a jury member at the Sundance film festival, which wrapped up last Sunday in Park City, Utah.

During an interview with CTV's eTalk, the actress said she was invited to the festival when Sundance feature film programmer Caroline Libresco spotted Oh picketing in front of the location where "Grey's Anatomy" is shot.

Aside from her gig at Sundance, Oh has been enjoying her free time.

"I came to Canada, and I've been traveling a lot. It's been a great opportunity because the show keeps me so busy, so I've been able to go back home and see everybody and see my whole family."

During an interview with Sun Media from the festival, Oh said she has doubts about the fate of the current season of "Grey's."

"The longer we're out, the less chance we have of completing the season," she says.

Oh recently appeared at the Screen Actors Guild awards Sunday night and will be appearing on the cover of NUVO magazine in March.

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