Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chatelaine: Oh La La

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Grey's Anatomy star and homegrown talent Sandra Oh on Hollywood, beauty and her career.

By Katrina Onstad

On playing Dr. Cristina Yang...
Sometimes I feel myself creep into the character a little too much these days. When you're relaxed, when you're having fun and playing her day after day after day, the actor will eventually fold into the character a little bit, and vice versa. But I'm basically a good humoured person and she is not!

On the spiritual side of acting...
I think I'm very lucky, very greatly blessed because literally, every single thing I've done since a young age has led me to this moment. I don't think I'm a damaged person. Acting is about that need for connection, the universal deep flowing river that gives you a sense of purpose, tells you why you do what you want to do. When I'm connected to that, I'm connected to you.

On being Canadian in Hollywood...
That's my secret power. I've been in LA a while now, almost 12 years, but I still only have my green card. Many people have asked me: Are you going to become a citizen? I can't, I can't. The secret power is that I can always go home. I don't want to give that up.

On the image of women in film...
I think we're moving to a place where you can see a more realistic loser type man on film, but their object of desire, the woman, is always...va va voom, like Knocked Up. It's reflective of how the men who are making films see themselves, and there has not been that movement for women. The image of woman has not shifted: it's rare for women to be flawed, and not unattainable or unrealistic. But again, I'm not the typical woman you see on television or in movies, so that's something. I would aspire to be part of that movement.

On her beauty...
That's a tough question for me, constantly challenging, deeply challenging. It's hard and I would never want to wish that I looked different because my looks have created exactly the spirit that I have, but it's just so fraught with doubt. I will say, though, that it's not the shell you're born into that's going to make the most impact, it is the spirit you're given that you have to work with. But they both effect each other, I know they do.

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