Friday, May 25, 2007

"I'd rewatch the finale for Sandra Oh alone"

More praise for Sandra when USA Today reviews the Grey's Anatomy finale:

The finale word: Say this for Grey's finale — it wasn't inconsistent.

A season marked by an increasingly dour tone wrapped up with a dour finale, with every major character failing to find bliss in one way or the other. And it also reinforced what seems to be the year's central message: Men are vacillating, demanding, stupid, selfish slugs.

Let's review. Unable to decide between two women, George now can't decide on a career. Burke pushes a reluctant Cristina into marriage, only to dump her and split town. And Derek? He waits until right after Meredith has been rejected by her father to give her a relationship ultimatum, and then whines when it doesn't appear to go his way.

Yet for all that, I'd rewatch the finale for Sandra Oh alone, from the comedy of her wedding prep to the near-operatic tragedy of her realization that she no longer wants the freedom she has regained. Sad as her story may have been, she brought us back to the Grey's many of us came to love. Let's hope we can share some better times ahead.

By Robert Bianco

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