Monday, October 14, 2013

Cristina/Meredith: Another Uninnocent, Elegant Fall Into The Unmagnificent Lives Of Adults

Sandra Oh has recently talked about being excited about a "fantastic" storyline involving the friendship between Cristina and Meredith coming up this season, and Ellen Pompeo has a few more details about what exactly the storyline entails:

Ellen Pompeo: "This is the beginning of their break-up, where Cristina doesn't believe that Meredith can be the same type of surgeon because she has kids."

"Meredith feels betrayed, like Cristina is not supporting her. She's just judging her and saying, 'You can't be a great surgeon because you want to be a great mom,' and that's it -- she's just writing her off because she thinks her focus is elsewhere," Pompeo adds.

"I think the writers want to focus on the separation of Meredith and Cristina right now," she says as the series prepares to see Oh exit following the end of season 10. "I would like to see Meredith fight back and accuse Cristina of that. But I'm not sure. The easiest thing for them to do right now is to separate them because they have to separate Cristina from a few people, and I think this seems like the easiest path for them."
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What kind of tomfoolery is this? This doesn't sound fantastic at all, dear peeps. But how do you feel about this storyline?
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