Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Season 9 Finale Spoiler Tidbits [Update]

Update | May 15: Tidbit from TV Line added.

A little bit of Grey's Anatomy season finale scoop where in usual Grey's finale fashion "a doctor's life will be in danger" with round #53 of Cristina vs Owen vs baby. Here's what you can expect:

UPDATE | May 15: TV Line

Question: What does the Grey’s Anatomy season finale hold for Cristina and Owen? 
Ausiello: Now then, you can go ahead and abandon any hope of the couple meeting in the middle regarding the issue of children. “There’s never been any suggestion that Cristina is going to meet anyone in the middle,” Shonda Rhimes notes. “Cristina is not that person.” However, for better or worse (my guess: worse), she adds, “I do think that the more this Ethan situation plays out, the conversation that she and Owen have been avoiding so much really gets forced out into the open.” Ruh-roh. - TV Line

The Hollywood Reporter

THR: How will Owen and Cristina address the Ethan situation? They've been through this before -- Cris has been steadfast about not wanting children. How will this be different? Is she willing to lose Owen?

Shonda Rhimes: They keep tabling this discussion because they truly love each other. They got divorced so they could take it off the table. Now, they've reached a point where it's going to be something that they can no longer table. They can no longer not talk about this. They're going to actually have the conversation. That's where we're headed.

THR: Should we be concerned for them?
Rhimes: We should be concerned about the future of every couple.

THR: What will Owen learn from the Ethan arc? It seems like Ethan's grandmother is already setting up a choice between social services and Owen.
Rhimes: We have some twists up our sleeve. There's plenty that Owen is going to learn and realize. He clearly has made a choice in his mind that he's chosen Cristina and he's is with Cristina but I think things are going to get bumpy there for a while. - THR 

TV Guide

For fans fearing that Meredith may be the doctor whose life is in danger in the finale, as written in the episode's description, Rhimes would only tease, "We will see a doctor fighting for their life. We will leave the season with someone fighting for their life. There's plenty of jeopardy in the finale, there's a lot of pain, but there's also some joy. Unlike some seasons when there was no joy and only pain, there is some joy." - TV Guide

TV Line

When the credits roll at the end of the Season 9 closer, a major character's life will hang in the balance, series creator Shonda Rhimes confirms.  
Elsewhere, as a massive storm is straining all of Grey Sloan Memorial's resources, the unsettled parenting issue between Owen and Cristina “gets forced out into the open”. - TV Line

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