Friday, October 26, 2012

Kevin McKidd Tweets Stuff: About Sandra Oh, Cristina/Owen & Grey's New Dynamic Duo

The always lovely Kevin McKidd was live tweeting last night during the Grey's Anatomy episode and  he was asked a lot of questions about working with Sandra Oh. This is what he said about that, Cristina/Owen and Cristina's new bestie:

Kevin McKidd On Working With Sandra Oh

@MabeZarkana: who's your bf on set? 
Kevin McKidd: sandra  
@Thaisbely: Describe Sandra Oh in one word. 
Kevin McKidd: true 
‏@PrisKent: Sandra is very funny on set, calm, or how she is when you guys work together? 
Kevin McKidd: everyone smiles when she is there. she is brilliant fun and passionate 
@PrisKent: How cool it is to work with Sandra Oh??? 
Kevin McKidd: it is the best ! 
@TSC_PLLgirl: favorite part about working with someone as amazing as Sandra Oh?
Kevin McKidd: we collaborate and talk about our characters all the time
@auzzigrey how difficult was it to direct your screen wife with uhmmm someone else?

Kevin McKidd: it was definitely weird and slightly awkward :) 
@jasmine92670618: do u like christnia as a coworker 
Kevin McKidd: yes! love it
@KimKardashian6: is Christina in real life really like this or just a little bit? 
Kevin McKidd: sandra is nothing like cristina

On Cristina's New Bestie, Dr. Thomas

Sandra Oh and William Daniels.

@LovemesomeOwen: I'm hoping Owen will get to meet Dr. Thomas one day. Even better if he hires him...LOL! Love the Cristina/Thomas friendship. 
‏Kevin McKidd: they are great together - i cast bill in the boards episode last season 
@evibloom: William Daniels & the Dr. Thomas/Cristina dynamic is delightful. Was his role in S9 planned back in S8? 
Kevin McKidd: funny , i cast Bill for my last ep of season 8 - he was so good - the writers wrote him in for season 9 

On Cristina/Owen

@MichelleAlexa24: Know you can't spoil and you're probably sick of Cris/Owen questions but...anything positive you could give to CO fans?

‏Kevin McKidd: there is positive for them , but complicated 
@Crush_on_Crowen: Owen still in love with Cristina? In your opinion? ty  
Kevin McKidd: 100%  
@COGreysLover: Do you think all the drama and angst is done for CO now? Now maybe some healing?  
Kevin McKidd: of course not ! 
Kevin McKidd: they are on a break ! 

Source: @TheRealKMcKidd

Sarah Drew On Working With Sandra

Co-star Sarah Drew was live-tweeting last night as well, and here are her nice words about Ms. Sandra Oh:

@ShelbySnow1: what is it like working with Sandra Oh? 
Sarah Drew: It's like acting class. She's a genius
@LucillaTurrini: How is working with Sandra Oh? She also is reserved in real life? 
Sarah Drew: No! She is super friendly and fun!!

Source: @SarahDrewGreys

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