Monday, August 20, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Music Video To Premiere On September 4

CORRECTION - AUG 29: The music video being released is not in collaboration with ABC, but with an Indian television channel that will be airing Grey's Anatomy. So unfortunately, no new clips from the new season for a while longer.

Each fall ABC releases a Grey's Anatomy music video, with clips from the new season of the show, in collabaration with an artist who provides the soundtrack. Last year it was Heart On Fire by Scars On 45, and this year singer Anushka Manchanda will be writing a song exclusively for the show, and the song is to convey the following:

Anushka Manchanda: “I liked what they wanted to say through the song... that life is tough sometimes, and there are ups and downs always. But you know what? You’re not alone. There’s someone who’s just like you. It was a great idea. As a song by itself it’s saying something and a song with such a simple message would be lovely to write.”

The music video containing footage from the new season will be released on September 4, so keep an eye out.

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