Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cristina And Meredith Centric Episode Coming Up On Grey's Anatomy

Great news, Cristina (and Meredith) fans!

According to TV Line, Grey's Anatomy is planning to air a special episode in season 9 focusing solely on Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes didn't give too much details about the set up of the episode, but this is what she could say about it so far:

Quote: Parks & Recreation (NBC)

“It’s just the story of Meredith and Cristina,” shares series creator Shonda Rhimes. “It’s really going to be original. I don’t think we’ve ever told a story the way we’re telling a story in this episode.

It’s not a regular episode. I won’t be able to explain what the gimmick is until I’ve seen it shot and we’ve decided on the visual style of it. But it is going to be fairly different.”

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