Monday, October 10, 2011

Cristina/Owen: Sandra Oh Brings The Scoop

Stop the presses, because this is a rare occurrence, dear folks.

Usually Sandra Oh's co-stars are the ones bringing the scoop on Cristina Yang, but this time Kristin on E! has talked to the woman, the myth, the legend Ms. Sandra Oh herself, on what's coming up for next Cristina and Owen in Grey's Anatomy:

milee1017: Why is Cristina Yang cooking in the Grey's promo? What is next for Cristina/Owen on Grey's?

It hasn't been good for Cristina-Owen fans so far this season, huh? Well, chin up. We were on-set recently, and Sandra Oh revealed that there was a "romantic storyline" involving Owen in the episode that they were shooting. And Cristina looked as feminine as we've seen her in a long time. Sounds like those two might be headed down a less-bumpy road.

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