Friday, September 30, 2011

Sandra Oh Guests CBC's Radio Talk Show "Q"

Sandra Oh will be a guest on the CBC radio talk show Q guest hosted by her former co-star and friend actor/director Don McKellar.

UPDATE 2: The complete interview is now available online so check it out here. (Click on the September 30 broadcast. Sandra's interview starts at the 25:50 minute mark and is about 20 minutes long.)

The broadcast starts at 10.00 AM ET so go here to listen to it live

UPDATE: Sandra's segment has just aired and here are some of the things she talked about:

  • Acting: how she started out and her parents. Her acting career in Canada. 
    • Being inducted into Canada's Walk Of Fame.
      • A heated debate about being a celebrity and being famous.
      • (Err, Sandra must hate Sandra Oh News
        • The challenges of being on a network show where the actors get the script just a few day in advance and playing the same character for seven years.
          • Cristina's pregnancy storyline and abortion:
          “It came to me as a surprise it wasn’t easy for me to shoot by the time we were deep in to the season and there ended up being lost of conflict it was really tough for me I prefer to know what’s coming.. But at that point it was too late .”

          “Many women and girls follow this character and my focus was that the character of Cristina makes the decision to not have a child because she is not made to be a mother and the decision to have an abortion is difficult and effects her husband…”
          - Transcript thanks to How We Operate:


          Sandra Oh will be in episode 9 of Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays that airs on CBC. She plays a character called Judy Song who is a well-being coach. It's a well-written, funny character.

          She has other projects in the works but doesn't want to talk about them not wanting to jinx them. This is one of those super-secret projects.


          Emma said...

          Talking about her future projects, wasn't there also a film with Ellen Pompeo and Jennifer Aniston about some prison inmates playing together in a band? I don't know whether it's the same project mentioned in the link about SO and Julie Ann Robinson, but we've not heard any news about it for a very long time...

          Sandra Oh News said...

          Emma: Sandra and Ellen being cast in The Goree Girls was just rumour that started on Wikipedia, that eventually made it on IMDB. Don't think it was legit and IMDB has since removed the info from their website.

          Here are our previous post about it:

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