Monday, March 28, 2011

What You Need To Know About The Grey's Musical

We now know that Sandra Oh and co-star Patrick Dempsey won't be singing in the Grey's Anatomy musical episode, but TV Guide has a tidbit on what Cristina will be up to instead:

Because the episode is told from Callie's perspective, "some of us act out of character," Chandra Wilson says. For instance, McKidd reveals that the episode includes a fantasy sequence in which Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen "get a big make-out session, which seems kind of incongruous, but it's there for a reason."

The real challenge for the actors came in timing the music and dialogue, which happens simultaneously as some cast members sing, while others, including Ellen Pompeo, Oh and Patrick Dempsey work to save Callie. "It's a game really to make sure that you get all the words in by the end of the music so it all matches," Wilson says.

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milee said...

LOL...I just love your comments like "...what Cristina will be up to instead." It makes these spoilers even more fun to read. Thanks!

BTW, I am really looking forward to that scene hope it lives up to KMK's description! ;)

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