Friday, February 4, 2011

Yang And Hunt: The Keyword Is "Volatile"

Another Q&A with Kevin McKidd with more on Cristina and Owen:

PW: What have you made of Owen's journey this season?
Kevin McKidd:
I think it’s been really good – he was introduced in a big way in season five. The PTSD is kind of behind him now, I mean, it never really goes away. You just manage it, so I’m sure we’ll come back to it in some ways. But it’s interesting to see Owen becoming more settled and to see him and Cristina really move into a, well, I don’t want to say “less volatile” phase of their marriage because they’re always quite volatile and they’re about to head into a pretty fundamentally volatile phase of being married.

PW: How so?
Kevin: Now that Cristina is well again they’re going to take a step back and ask, “did we rush into this? Do we know everything about each other? Are we in agreement about the basics of what a marriage is?” They’re heading into a hot part of the relationship.

PW: Do you see Owen and Christina are soulmates?
Whether they’re together or apart, they will always be deeply connected. I do believe they’re soulmates, but as we’ve seen with Meredith and Cristina in the past, being someone’s soulmate doesn’t mean that you’re going to always be together. In a way, having that closeness means that when problems happen, they’re going to cut much, much deeper. Whether they’re break up, I don’t know, but I can tell you there are volatile times ahead.


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caseyscooby1985 said...

I am hoping that they are still together for the rest of the series. I know that their is going to be fighting or disagreements with them, but I love seeing them together.

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