Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Q&A with Sandra Oh and Aaron Eckhart

It's all about Rabbit Hole these days peeps, and there is much more to come because the critics are loving it.

Last night, Rabbit Hole screened in Los Angeles, and Sandra Oh was there as well to participate in a Q&A with co-star Aaron Eckhart afterward.

You can read the Sandra-relevant bits below:

We've all heard of movies where the cast and crew dealt with tough, grim subject matter by keeping the atmosphere on the set light and playful, or by blowing off steam at the end of the day.

"Rabbit Hole," John Cameron Mitchell's understated, quietly gripping drama about a couple (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) dealing with the death of their young son, was not one of those movies.


Actress Sandra Oh, who plays a woman who's been in a counseling group for parents who've lost children, agreed that the atmosphere was charged and serious – following the tone set by Kidman, who starred in the film and also served as one of its producers.

"The subject matter is difficult," said Oh. "You have to be there for 14 hours, and Nicole does it in a very controlled way. There was lots of quiet."

Added Eckhart, "Nicole didn't make too many jokes on this movie. I tried to get in her face and make jokes sometimes."


The film had a small budget – Eckhart said $5 million, but Oh insisted it was much smaller than that – and little time for Kidman and Eckhart to rehearse the interplay between a married couple who, the actor said, "can no longer relate to each other mentally, physically, spiritually."


Both actors were full of praise for Kidman – who, said Oh, "connected to this in a very, very deep emotional way. It's about what we fear the most, our most hidden and private places … And she's a truly magnificent actress, and a serious artist."

As a producer, though, Kidman was hardly extravagant. For much of the shoot, Eckhart said, the filmmakers and actors lived in the house that was also used for shooting.

"Nicole had one bedroom," he said, "I had another, and we shared a bathroom."

But the actor said he was intimidated sharing that bathroom with his leading lady and producer ("what if I'm in the bathroom and Nicole wants to use it?"), so he switched and shared one with the crew instead. John Cameron Mitchell, meanwhile, slept in the little boy's bedroom, and used the Kidman/Eckhart bathroom to take baths.

"That's what independent film is these days," said Oh with a laugh. "You have really big stars like Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart sharing a bathroom, and the director is bathing in the tub."

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