Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sandra Oh Is Bringing It!

A few nice reviews about Sandra Oh's performance after Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy:

  • I always root for reverse-affirmative action to help the poor, neglected guys on this show. The ladies get all the Emmy reel stuff.

    Case in point: When a tray crashed to the ground in the big heart surgery, Cristina collapsed onto the floor as she flashed back to the shooting. Meredith ran from the gallery to the OR, even though she wasn’t supposed to be there, to talk her bestie through it. As they lay on the floor together and Meredith reached for her hand while Cristina said she couldn’t move and tears streaked horizontally across her stricken face, I was once again floored by both the acting involved in all of this and the lovely bond between these two, one of the show’s best elements. - Jennifer Armstrong, Entertainment Weekly
  • Christina will continue her battle, surely earning Sandra Oh another Emmy nomination, if not a win this time, as the last couple weeks have been among her best: an impressive series performance. - Blogcritics
  • HONOR ROLL: Sandra Oh, making us believe Cristina's post-traumatic panic attack during surgery on Grey's Anatomy, is bringing it this season. - Matt Roush, TV Guide. (Thanks, Betty!)
  • Her PTSD over the shooting chose the most inopportune moment to surface, and of course, validated Perkins’ opinion. Cristina’s paralysis, though temporary, was an eloquent and visceral surfacing of all her unrealized fear and horror, and Sandra Oh played it beautifully. - Unreality Shout
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