Monday, October 18, 2010

No To Paper

Sandra Oh's co-star Sarah Drew was interviewed at the Environmental Media Association Awards on Oct 16th, and she mentioned Sandra Oh and what they're doing to make the Grey's set a bit more eco-friendly:

Photo by: Genesis/ 2010  10/16/10 Sarah Drew at the Environmental Media Awards. (Burbank, CA) Photo via Newscom

Other stars gave us the scoop on how their television sets are enviro-friendly and waste-free. Sarah Drew from Grey’s Anatomy took tips from a fellow star on the set: “I was very inspired by Sandra Oh, because she never uses paper products on set,” she told us on the red carpet. “She uses her own mugs that say “Oh” on it, and she has her own plates. I went out and bought a reusable mug that looks like one of those coffee cups. I also bring my water bottle to set every day.”

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