Friday, October 1, 2010

Grey's Writers: Bill Harper On 7.02 'Shock to the System'

From the writers of Grey's Anatomy on last night's episode:

Last week, we saw how our doctors were trying to come back : From rushing at life to grasping at love, to going mad, to posturing, to hiding from the pain, we saw the ways they were trying, and sometimes failing, to push through and heal. But they’re not even really healing yet. They’re coping.

Cristina and Owen came together through trauma -- they met when he scooped an injured Cristina off the ER bay. Then she saw Owen through his post-war struggles. It seems almost inevitable that their wedding would also come out of trauma. But after being so badly hurt in what is arguably her favorite place in the world – the O.R. -- Cristina barely knows herself now, that’s the reason she would be content to let Owen take the driver’s seat. She can trust him, he’s the only thing she can count on right now. But when his plan goes so horribly wrong in the OR -- when lightning strikes the same place twice -- she can no longer trust any of his decisions, or her own…She mistrusts the very impulse to marry him. Her first, unavoidable instinct is to reverse everything she’s done.


And Meredith’s going through a similar struggle. Keeping herself busy by looking after everyone else, trying to make sure Alex is okay, that Cristina’s okay, that Lexie is okay, unable to see that the reason she’s not cleared for surgery is because she’s been refusing to attend to the deepest injury she received that day, the miscarriage. It’s only when she admits it to Derek, that she can move past it; that she can admit that she has so little control over anything. I think it’s interesting that at the same moment that Cristina’s marriage is breaking apart as a result of the shooting, Meredith’s is getting stronger, as many great partnerships are strengthened by adversity. And it’s why Mer tells Cristina, basically, that whatever mistakes she’s made, being with Owen is not one of them. And that she should stick. I’m really glad she does.
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