Friday, May 7, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: Bill Harper On 'How Insensitive'

Here is an excerpt from the Grey's writers' blog on last night's episode:

In terms of insensitivity to patients, I think historically it’s been a dead heat between Alex and Cristina.


Then there’s Cristina. She has to be forcibly shoved into Patient Sensitivity, only to find this little girl who cracks her open and reveals her most vulnerable spot. Cristina’s forced to make the girl her patient, because she’s uniquely qualified to see Kelly through what was her most painful experience. I love the moment in the elevator, when she makes the choice without actually knowing why she’s making it – out of pure gut protective instinct. And, for my money, Cristina does the kindest, most compassionate thing she could do for a child– she lays it all out honestly and without sugar-coating it. It’s only when Jackson says it out loud to her, makes her acknowledge the truth, that Cristina’s own dam breaks and she has to let it out. Surprisingly, she chooses Owen over Meredith, to comfort her.

This was an interesting twist. I think it’s unusual for Meredith and Cristina to find solace in someone other than each other. But here, Cristina needs something from Owen that she has given to him – she’s seen him through his darkest hour, when his pain has come back to haunt him. He knows what this feels like, and knows what to do – how to just ride it out. And similarly with Meredith and Derek: He’s too fed up with parsing his words and being straight jacketed into a person he’s not, Meredith knows the only thing she can say is “I love you.” She’s smart enough to know that sometimes a guy just needs to shut up. Or hit something. Like a few golf balls.


That’s it for me for this week, and for this season – but you’ve got two more incredible nights of Grey’s before we go... and trust me, you don’t want to miss them. If you’re a Demi Lovato fan, you’ll get a treat next week. And then the FINALE.... I know, we’ve all said it, but... holy crap, don’t miss the finale.

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