Friday, April 23, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: 6.20 'Look, Line and Sinner' - Promo


GREY'S ANATOMY - "Hook, Line and Sinner" - Sloan returns to Mark's apartment, just as she's going into labor, and Teddy, Mark and the still-fighting Callie and Arizona are there to help with the birth and to get Mark through his grandson's pending adoption. Meanwhile Teddy sees Derek's invitation to illustrious cardiothoracic surgeon Tom Evans' as a threat to her future employment at the hospital, and the team work on a crab boat captain who has been stabbed with a giant shark hook, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, APRIL 29 on ABC.


lilayanis said...

I hate this promo I hate Teddy and Owen too

dawn said...

Welcome to the Teddy hate club. I'm beginning to hate Owen too because Cristina doesn't know his history with Teddy which he is keeping it a secret. We know Cris loves Owen more than Burke. Do we know if Owen really loves Cris because the constant reaffirmation of his love just doesn't cut it when he continues this kind of behaviour with Teddy.
Poor Cris. She never seems to be able to catch a break doesn't she.
You know, at this point it is too difficult to ship OC and if Owen continues to be undecided about his feelings for Teddy, I say OC should just break up already.
Congrats to Shonda for ruining the best couple on GA with the intro of T. It seems that S5 is now a complete joke isn't it. Shonda can go ahead and pull the trigger already. I'm suffering from triangle fatigue and S6 is an utter washout. These promo monkeys think putting these TO promos will entice us to watch. They underestimated us. Tsk tsk tsk.

Owen_Cristinaforever! said...

I swear if Owen does anything with Teddy and cheats on Cristina I am soo DONE with Greys!!! I hope Mer catches him if anything does happen and rips him a new one! Cristina is going to be heartbroken if they break up! I HATE TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one thing they did say in the promo at that Owen teddy part is about letting something go so maybe Owen is saying bye to her! and maybe his therapist told him to in order to help his PTSD! I am just hoping its something like that cause Seriously if Owen and Cristina break up I am DONE with Greys!!!!!

Cassandra said...

I agree with everyone of you, if Owen does everything to put his relationship with Christina in more trouble than it already is, than I am going to begin to hate Owen. Plus, I don't want to see Christina's heart broken again. Teddy needs to really move on. Meredith, talk some senses into Owen.

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