Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Film Called 'Prey'

In 1995 Sandra Oh and Adam Beach starred in a short film called Prey by the Canadian filmmaker Helen Lee. Last week we posted a few stills from the movie which you can view here. Now here is an excerpt from the book Practical Dreamers: Conversations with Movie Artists by Mike Hoolboom where Helen Lee talks about the movie in an interview.

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And this is how the Toronto International Festival described the film:
The luminous Sandra Oh stars as a hip adventurous daughter of a hardworking, pious Korean grocery store owner, plagued by petty thefts. Full of flash and fantasy, Prey is a truly fun film that ends with a bang.

If you hope to see Prey any time soon it might be very difficult as it is only available for sale or rent for institutions and universities through WWM. But for those who are interested in knowing more about the film the entire script is available here.

The morning after a break-in at her Korean immigrant father's convenience store, Il Bae, 20-something and strong-willed, catches a hunky shoplifter-only to discover he's a Native Canadian friend's brother to whom she's powerfully attracted. In the space of one day Il Baie's family routine collides with her New World romance, catching her between loyalty to her father and her passion for a new lover with a checkered past. Physical chemistry, cross-cultural confusions, racism, and the constant threat of urban violence converge in this fast-paced, wryly humorous take-off on love at first sight where trust and desire strike a delicate balance.


Silver Sand said...

thanks a lot, you are awesome :)

kiki28 said...

I am a sad American, looking for this movie (among other Canadian Indie films), but I'm not having any luck finding this title (or others). Don't know if you can help, but any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I would LOOVE to know the song that plays while she's dancing in her apartment

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