Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All About Yang And Hunt

Recently Sandra's co-star Kevin McKidd kindly answered a few questions asked by his fans over at Kevin McKidd Online about Yang and Hunt, and their latest storyline which seems to be causing a bit of an uproar among the fans from what we can tell about your comments on our site.

Here is one of the questions where he mentions Sandra:

2 - I think one reason a lot of fans might be frustrated this season is we are equally rooting for Owen and Cristina to get it together for each other, but haven't really seen them on screen as a couple that much this season. Lately they seem forty years away from each other instead of being together in forty years. Does it surprise you how passionate people are about this couple?

Kevin McKidd: It is great that people are passionate about these two - cris and owen are passionate people and sandra and I are passionate about these two being together. For my part,I feel it is an important and vital story that we began last season -a story we should follow through on. There has been a lot going on this season . a lot to establish etc - so yeah I get the frustration but people should try not to worry - there time will come i truly hope. he wants to be there in 40 years time still, and he hopes she does too..

To read them all, head on over to Kevin McKidd Online

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Maya said...

That was my question :) I also asked the one about the See Me/See what scene between Hunt/Yang. I loved all his answers to our questions :) He was so gracious to participate with us.

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