Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kevin McKidd On Season 6

Excerpt from a recent interview with Kevin McKidd:

TVG: It sounds as though you at least get to experiment with some lighter stuff this season.
KM: Yeah, he’s definitely much more joyful. He and Cristina are going to have fun in the sense that the more light he becomes … she’s a complex character. She had a lot of that to one side last season to help Owen move forward. But now all her stuff is going to come out and the shoe’s going to be on the other foot. She’s going to be a lot darker than he thought she was.

TVG: That must be fun, especially having someone like Sandra Oh to bounce off of.
KM: She’s a great actor; I love her to bits. The dynamic between us seems to work pretty well.

TVG: Can you give us any more tidbits on what we can expect this season?
KM: Generally in the hospital, it’s going to be tough for them. There’s a lot of pressure with the economic world right now. We’re in a downturn and some of that is going to come to Seattle Grace. There’s going to be a lot of threat to people’s positions and stuff.

Source via Kevin McKidd Online


Anonymous said...

'i love her to bits.'

AWWWW, that's so SWEEEET! :)

Valérie said...

Aww, that 'I love her to bits' was so adorable !

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