Monday, May 18, 2009

Ask Matt: Finale Fever

From TV Guide:

Question: After reading your “finale watch” review about the Grey's Anatomy finale, I have to say as a long-time fan I was very satisfied in spite of the cliffhangers. The show basically came back from the dead. I loved the fact that Meredith and Derek are past all the crap and are just happy together and don't even need a real wedding to prove it. I was especially happy with how Cristina and Owen turned out. I've said this before, but I think Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh kept fans like me watching this year. I was wondering your views on the shortness of the scene with Owen and Cristina visiting his mother for the first time. I have to say as a fan I felt kind of robbed of the conversation, especially seeing a great actress like Debra Mooney only getting one line. I realize it’s a finale, but it was a major goal that Owen had been preparing for, and it could have been handled better, although I was impressed that Cristina went with him and basically stuck up for his mother. On the flip side, I think we really got to see how much Cristina has evolved. I honestly don't remember seeing her smile so much in one episode. Many of her situations with Owen reminded me of scenes with Burke from earlier seasons, such as the "I don't want you to die" and "I love you" moments. Her speech to him in the vent was just amazing. Sandra Oh is such a master of mixing drama and comedy, and Owen's reactions to Cristina reminded me a lot of the "before" Owen in the season premiere. Only this time around, Cristina was able to save him from getting wrecked again. I also took note of the parallels between the characters and the accident victims in the season premiere, for some of them coming around full circle. There was also an interesting parallel with Cristina and Bailey: two of the most vocal and brutally honest characters on the show, both struggling when they realize what they have to do to get to that happy ending, or just have peace of mind. Also, what do you think the chances are for Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd getting Emmy nominations this year? On a side note, regarding Brothers & Sisters, I know you have commented previously that the Ryan character was not working on the show, I have to say I agree as well. I think it’s just the personality of the actor with me. If Ryan was played by someone else, I am sure it could be a bit more interesting. My favorite moment in the whole series has to be that "silent" breakfast table scene with the Walkers in Mexico. It reminded me of a warped version of Woody Allen's dinner scenes. I hope next year for both shows the writing is more balanced than it has been.—Maya

Matt Roush: You and me both. I’ve made no secret about how impressed I’ve been by the Cristina-Owen arc: painful, powerful, passionate and finally redemptive for both emotionally repressed characters. Can’t wait to see what’s next for them, and I’m betting that we’ll see much more of Owen’s mom, now that it’s established she’s being played by someone as wonderful as Debra Mooney. (I also wondered if maybe part of their reunion scene was cut, but maybe her appearance was just a tease of things to come. I can only imagine the sparks between her and Sandra Oh.) As for Emmy nominations: It’s possible. Sandra Oh is accustomed to Emmy attention, and this was a strong season for her. Kevin McKidd’s a little more of an outsider, but he’s a solid choice, and may carry some industry cred from his Rome stint on HBO. Fingers crossed. Read on for a fan’s all-encompassing perspective on Grey’s fifth season. It’s long, but I promise you I trimmed it by about half.



Anonymous said...

please an Emmy for sandra

Anonymous said...

i love this couple
i watch the show because of them
et surtout j adore sandra elle est drole et c est une actrice formidable merci a elle

lila said...

j adore ce couple ils sont devenu la seule raison pour laquelle je regarde toujours le show merci sandra merci kevin

Anonymous said...

on devrait renommer la serie en yang s anatomy

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