Friday, November 21, 2008

'Cause It Was Love At First Sight'

Sandra's Grey's Anatomy co-star Kevin McKidd has been doing a lot of interviews lately. Here is a summary of McKidd talking everything Cristina Yang (and Owen Hunt) related.

UPDATE: Another interview from Fancast below.

Intense Owen and hardcore Cristina seem like a hell of a match. What can we look forward to in that relationship?

KM: “There is an intense attraction between them, and that love affair is building and growing, and what they have on an emotional level is kind of special. And he knows he can get back to his old self, and she will be key in that.”

Cristina was described as a “single malt scotch.” What are you, in cocktail terms?

KM: [laughs] “A dry martini. No wait...better make that a pint of Guinness.”

- Fancast

How will the relationship between Hunt and Cristina Yang progress?

I think they fell in love almost at first sight. Now it's very complicated. They hardly talk to each other for an entire episode and then suddenly in one scene, jump forward 10 steps in their relationship with one look because there's some kind of emotional, spiritual, whatever you want to call it, connection between these two people that even they don't understand. They're both quite analytical people and they don't know what these feelings are. They're not wishy-washy, romantic types, but it's happening to them, and it's undeniable, and I think that happens in the world. Cupid creeps up on the most analytical person and hits you over the head with a sledgehammer.

What is coming up for your character?

Obviously, he and Cristina fall more and more for each other. It’s not an easy road for them, and he messes up, because he’s conflicted. He doesn’t want to, he says in the speech that we’ve already seen, he doesn’t want be with anyone, he doesn’t want to infringe on anyone. He just lost all of his friends in one attack in Iraq before he was discharged.
He is a very different man than what you saw in the season premiere. I really like that challenge. In the season premiere, you see what kind of man he really is, and then suddenly you see him a few weeks later, and something terrible has happened to him. He’s trying to get his life again, trying to get back on an even keel and he feels the way to do that is to keep his distance from everybody.

So I think you’re going to see, throughout the season, him struggle with that, and try and find an answer to that, and reach out for help to the doctors around him, even though he doesn’t want to ask, he eventually does. He and Cristina, I think, they help each other. There’s a lot of healing going on between them. I see him as a kind of a real connection this character, but it’s not going to be easy.
- My Take On TV

I think a lot of fans of the show, myself included, would say they're happy to see Cristina finally getting some action. Without giving too much away, will there be more of that?

I think you can put good money on that. I think those two have a deep connection going on between them. They aren't sure where it's coming from . . . We're watching the falling in love of two people who normally wouldn't give credence to that. It's fun and exciting. It's a very kind of touching and heartfelt journey.

The latest kiss between Hunt and Cristina was very passionate, but also almost violent. Will we see more of the darker side of him?

You have to remember, all of his colleagues were lost in an ambush attack, and he's the only one who walked out alive. . . It's illogical, but I think it's [a fear that] if he gets close to someone he will lose them. It's a psychological problem that he needs to get over and get help with . . . He's a really good man, he's not violent, but he's certainly struggling with the fear — it's almost a fear of getting too close to anyone right now. He desperately wants to be intimate but he doesn't feel he should be.
- Buzzsugar

And that brings us to the romance with Sandra's character, Cristina. It would be Grey's Anatomy if there weren't going to be road blocks in their relationship, but can you tell us what some of these road blocks might be?

It's not going to be easy for them. What I read when I read the season premiere, and this is just my take on it, is that it was very much two very analytical people, Owen and Cristina. They're very similar in a way, I think, as people. Two analytical people see each other over a crowded ER room and their eyes meet. It's almost more complicated, but on a really simplistic level, it's almost a love at first sight scenario that happened on the season premiere.

And then, what we're seeing is the road to connect that back, because obviously the season premiere was before he went back to Iraq and this event has happened to him that's changed him. And so, they're trying to get that feeling back because there's obviously something really true and meant to be between these two people.

But it's complicated right now because she's damaged because of what's happened to her, and he is certainly struggling with himself and the people around him and the world in general, and trying to keep himself together after what's happened to him. So, I think, it's exciting to see what happens with these two guys because, in a way, they're the two people you'd least expect to have a love affair, but it's happening to them and they can't stop it.

Can you give us a preview of this Thursday's episode?

In the last episode, Owen, outside Joe's bar, doesn't want to get close to her and she keeps trying to get close to him. And he kisses her and steps over that line a bit because he's feeling a lot of stuff. He tries to bridge that gap, trying to make up for what he did in last week's episode. Whether he does or not, you'll have to wait and see.
- BuddyTV

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kaz said...

I think that the chemistry that he and Sandra have on the show is amazing and were it not for this pairing this season and the fact that it works so well, I think alot of people would have given up on GA.

fedeccino said...

I agree with the comment posted above, they are incredibly intense together, and I find their acting just remarkable.
Thanks for this blog, it will be easier for me to find first hand news.
See you soon :)

Anonymous said...

man, if you read the blogs and so forth, you'll know ppl LOVE christina and owen together.

I prefer to call them christowen but i've seen numerous versions of merged names.


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