Friday, October 31, 2008

Grey's Dissection: Major Hottie...or Nottie?

Kristin from E!Watch With Kristin spoils:


Kevin McKidd Is Staying: Inside sources tell me the fiery new trauma doc is on the fast track to become a series regular. (I've heard from one source he already is technically a series regular, but he's being called guest star in the credits so as not to give too much away.)

When we chatted with K McK on the Grey's set, he said this of the casting process: "They talked to me and said that they were really thinking of adding somebody else into the mix as a longer-term venture."

Note those last three words. As someone who has loved McKidd since Rome, I find this to be a very promising thing.

Cristina and Owen Will Be a Slow Build: I hear their relationship will happen, but it will take some time. Kevin explains: "Owen is pretty damaged, so he wants to keep a distance from people, I think."

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