Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Very, Very Romantic

Sandra Oh talks about Kevin McKidd joining the show. Listen here. Or just read the transcript below.

Sandra says:

Kevin Mckidd is joining the cast for an indefinite amount of time. And he comes on as sergeant Owen Hunt who is a trauma surgeon in the army. And he has quite a wonderful entrance. Very dramatic entrance. And it's lovely because we have a couple of scenes that might spark something larger. But it's a kind of a meeting of minds.

What I really like about Kevin's character, at least at this point is, he has this whole sense of responsibility and Cristina doesn't necessarily. Like really being responsible about all your actions and not being only...maybe so self-centered or specifically...narrowminded about stuff.

He's wonderful to be working with. He scoops me up. Strong guy. He scoops me up and it's very very romantic.
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