Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Like It Short

Sandra Oh was one of the jurors at this years 12th annual LA Shorts Fest held August 15-21. LA Shorts Fest is the largest short film festival in the world.

From the official website:

Sandra OH

Cast: Grey's Anatomy, Sideways, Under the Tuscan Sun, Hard Candy.

Winner of Golden Globe Awards for best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, 4 Emmy Nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

Though Sandra has appeared in many unseen short films, one of her more recent ventures "Kind of a Blur" directed by her friend Jon, was screened at LA Shorts Fest in 2005. Sandra loves many short things: short walks, short skirts, short airplane rides and above all, short films. She thanks LA Shorts Fest for this opportunity.

About the festival:
The LA Shorts Fest is now entering its 12th year as an Academy accredited Festival. We have a proud history, 30 of our festival shorts have received Oscar nominations, including 9 winners. Because the Festival attracts the best up-and-coming young directors and writers, we have embarked on an ambitious program of talent discovery development.

For more information about the festival and the winners visit the official website.
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