Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Love For Cristina Yang - Part 2

The latest set of Grey's Anatomy spoilers are out and it looks like we won't be seeing much of Sandra Oh on screen for the rest of the season either. Season 4 has been a sad season for all the Sandra Oh fans whose character Cristina Yang has had a forgettable and not too interesting storyline, we're sad to say.

Michael Ausiello reports:

Question: I was really looking forward to Joshua Jackson being Cristina's love interest on Grey's Anatomy, so the scheduling conflicts suck! Any updates on who'll be cast instead? — Audrey

Big update: I'm hearing that Shonda Rhimes has handed the plum part to a relative newcomer by the name of No One. Get it? She handed the role to No One. [Hold for laughter and/or crickets] Seriously, my Grey's spies tell me that Ms. Rhimes has decided to put the character on hold indefinitely. Bummer.

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