Monday, September 24, 2007

USA Today: Scenes From The 'Grey's Anatomy' Set

By William Keck, USA TODAY

Have a seat:

Sandra Oh looks sleepy, wrapped in a parka and heading to her chair. Hers is special compared with all the others' standard-issue director's chairs. Oh's features extra padding, a fancy curved foot rest and a canvas compartment under the seat. While the other actors have their full names silk-screened onto the backs of their chairs, Oh's is marked with two block letters: OH. She never talks to on-set journalists, but she offers a friendly late-in-the-day wink as she walks by.

Cute little cuss:

Oh has a habit of playfully cussing in scenes when her face is not on camera, at one point asking Ellen Pompeo, "What the (expletive) was that?" and calling Pompeo's Meredith "a whore." Says T.R. Knight (George), who shares his on-set trailer with Oh: "She has done that always."

Hair today:

Jokes about Patrick Dempsey (Derek, aka Dr. McDreamy) keeping his hair perfect. When there's a delay between takes, Dempsey displays some of his cellphone photos to Pompeo and Oh. Then Pompeo warns the crew, "We've really got to get going. Patrick's hair is falling." Later in the day, after Dempsey has spent time relaxing, Pompeo asks, "What's wrong with your hair?" (It does look a little lopsided.)


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she's so adorable and funny! i love her personality other than her fabulous acting!

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