Saturday, September 8, 2007

LA Times: Who'll Win? Oh, The Drama!


Emmy's 2007: Supporting actress in a drama series

After two previous losses, third time may be the charm for "Grey's Anatomy's" Sandra Oh, who has the most screen time of the nominees and flashes an impressive range of emotions -- rage to despair -- while scheming to protect her surgeon lover's shaky hands.

Golden Globe champ Oh squares off against costar Chandra Wilson, who won the SAG award in January and now woos Emmy judges with glimpses of the soft side of her butt-kicking character as she comforts a woman with cancer. Also nominated is "Grey's" Katherine Heigl, whose character finally comes to terms with a secret from her past.

Wisely dropping down to supporting after losing three times in the lead category, Lorraine Bracco could finally triumph for having the guts to give Tony Soprano the boot when she realizes she can't cure an unconscionable Mafioso with therapy.

Costar Aida Turturro gave judges the season opener, "Soprano Home Movies," which showcases her buffoonish Janice deliriously blabbing family secrets during a weekend getaway, but she may get as little respect from voters as she does from her brother Tony.

"Brothers & Sisters" star Rachel Griffiths lost two Emmy bids for "Six Feet Under" and probably will suffer the same fate again as her low-key character merely reacts with a shrug to, as her episode is called, "Bad News" about her husband and late father's infidelities.


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Anonymous said...

our dearest sandra!!
oh, she's so going to WIN the emmy's!!!
you have our support girl!

love cher.

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